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We offer a History curriculum-linked Escape Room workshop for Key Stage 2 to Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset schools. Our aim is to challenge and support their History, Maths, English, problem-solving and communication skills in a creative activity that encourages students to work collaboratively and will be a truly memorable experience. An experienced teacher runs the workshop and our staff are on the DBS update service. 

The workshop is adaptable to any Key Stage 2 History topic. Any not listed here are available on request.

What a fabulous afternoon was enjoyed by all during our Escape Room Time Machine session linked to our Egyptian focus.   The children were captivated by the exciting, enthralling series of tasks to unlock the clues.  There was a real buzz in the room as the children solved the clues and returned back in time to the modern day. I would highly recommend this excellent escape room workshop to enhance your school's History curriculum. 

Laura Roberts - Year 3 and 4 Class Teacher, St. James' First School, Wimborne, Dorset

"I think that the escape room was amazing and helped me with my history learning."  - Year 4 pupil

"It was the best afternoon and I loved it! I had a fantastic time and I loved the time machine."  -Year 3 pupil


"It was a really fun afternoon. I love working with my friends to crack the clues and my favourite was the math puzzle."  - Year 4 pupil 

"My favourite part was when we all pressed the buzzer and returned back to 2023." - Year 3 pupil

St. James' First School, Wimborne, Dorset

"Our children were enthused and in awe with every twist and turn of the session. A great introduction to a new history topic for us! It was also great to see the teamwork it promoted in our children, working together towards a thrilling conclusion. The pace of the event was excellent, and the countdown was commented on as one of the highlights from the children. For us, we really appreciated the problem-solving skills the children had to use as this has been something we've been promoting within class. All in all, an outstanding experience for our very lucky children."

Mrs Trevor - Year 4 teacher, St. James' First School, Wimborne, Dorset

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How does a session work?

1) The class is split into six groups.

2) They enter the school hall and find a mysterious time machine has landed along with its inventor Professor Phileas Clock. The time machine is full of lights and has a countdown clock.

3) An introduction video helps to set the scene as the class travels back in time through a wormhole to the topic the teacher has picked.

4) When the class arrives in the past, the time machine breaks down. 

5) In order to fix the time machine before the timer runs out each group must complete history topic-related tasks (some involving maths and literacy) to find the code to six blue digital safes.

6) Once they have gained access to each blue safe there is a further task to complete to get a code for the one black safe.

7) When the groups have completed all six blue safes they will have a number to get into the black safe and fix the machine to get back to the future! 

Why should I choose an Escape Room Time Machine workshop instead of a field trip?

Our workshops offer convenience, engagement, and value for money. One session for a class of 32 students works out at £6.10 per student, for a full-day booking for 64 students, it is only £5.50 per student! 

We come to you, so there is no coach or minibus cost. We are ready at the start of the school day or straight after lunchtime. Our workshops all happen in your school hall, so there is no need to travel, no need to jostle with the public or head counts for lost students.
Consider what goes into your average field trip — risk assessments, permission slips, sorting out staffing for the day, booking the coach, travelling a long distance, having only a few hours at a site alongside the general public and then travelling back to school. All that is removed with an on-site visit!



One session - £195

Morning or afternoon session for one class of up to 32 students. The workshop is 90 minutes long and requires 30 minutes of set-up time in the school hall. The workshop requires seven tables with enough seating for all students.


Two sessions - £350

Morning and afternoon at the same school for two classes of up to 32 students each. Each workshop session is 90 minutes long and the first session will require 30 minutes of set-up time in the school hall, the second session requires 15 minutes of set-up time.


Two schools sharing - £350

If you have a partner school close by, you can make a joint booking for the same day with each school having one 90-minute session with 30 minutes of set-up time for each for a class of up to 32 students.


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